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U5/U6 Rules

U5/U6 Divisions 


Ball Size: Size three (3)
Field Size: 20 yards x 25 yards
Goal Size: 5' high x 5' wide

1. There shall be no more than two (2) coaches on the sidelines of a game, per team.


  1. The maximum number of players on the field per team at any one time is four (4). The game is played without a goalkeeper.
  2. Substitutions are unlimited and are allowed at quarter end and half time, for injuries and during any dead-ball situation, including dribble-ins.
  3. Playing Time: Each player shall play a minimum of 50% of the total playing time, regardless of skill level, as long as the child arrives prepared to play in the proper uniform, is not under disciplinary suspension and is not physically handicapped due to illness or injury.

The Referee:

  1. The coaches or their designees will serve as the referees on the field.

Duration of the Game:

  1. The game shall be divided into four (4) ten (10) minute quarters.
  2. There shall be a two (2) minute break between quarters one and two, and between quarters three and four.
  3. There shall be a half-time break of five (5) minutes.

The Start of Game

  1. Play is started by kick-off at the center of the field at the beginning of each quarter, and after each goal is scored. Players of the defending team shall stand on their side of the field, no closer to the ball than five (5) yards from the center mark when the kick-off is taken.
  2. Teams shall rotate kick-offs each quarter.

Ball In and Out of Play:

Note: Coaches are encouraged to use discretion in defining out-of-bounds, so the flow of the game can continue as best as possible.  Play should not be stopped for a ball crossing the touch line or goal line if a player is attempting to control the ball and bring it back within the field boundaries.  However, if a player continues in a direction away from the field, the play shall be stopped to set up a restart of play, as defined below.

Note: The rules governing restarts are designed to quickly get the ball back into play.  Coaches are strongly encouraged to NOT treat restart situations as “set plays"; they should avoid significantly delaying the restart of play by fine-tuning the positioning of players before allowing the ball to be played in. The intent is to maximize the time that the ball is “in play” on the field for maximum player development.

  1. Dribble-Ins: Any ball crossing the touch-line or goal line will result in a dribble-in for the opposing team. Players shall place the ball on the line, where the ball exited the field. Once the ball has been positioned, a designated player can then dribble the ball into play.  Players of the team defending the dribble-in shall not be positioned any closer than five (5) yards from the ball.
  2. If the ball crosses the goal line of the defending team after being last played by the defending team, the attacking team will begin play with a dribble-in from the corner of the field.
  3. If the ball crosses the goal line of the defending team being last played by the attacking team, the defending team will then resume play with possession of the ball, and begin play with a dribble-in from anywhere on the goal line.
  4. Players shall not take throw-ins, goal kicks or corner kicks.

Goal Area:

There are no goalkeepers, therefore, players shall not stand inside the marked goal area nor block the mouth of the goal during play.  Rather, players should only enter the goal area to win the ball while actively defending against an offensive player, or to take possession of a loose ball.  Respecting the goal area rules will foster a more exciting game with more scoring opportunities and will create situations in which players can learn the correct principles of defending.

Free Kicks:

Free kicks are not applicable for this age group. Play should be restarted after a stoppage by coaches as soon as possible to best keep play in progress.


The offside rule is not applicable to this age group.

Misc. Rules:

  • GYSA encourages healthy and positive sports competition and puts a priority on the developmental process and the quality of play instead of the game outcome. It is not our desire to instill the "killer instinct" in the player, but rather to foster physical fitness, knowledge of the sport, agility, quick thinking and aggressive offensive and defensive play. Dangerous play and/or abusive language to coaches, players, or referees will not be tolerated.
  • Parents/coaches and spectators should be there to enjoy the game, foster a positive sporting environment and to encourage the activity of all the youngsters participating in the game.  Please leave the “coaching” to the coaches.
  • Parents, spectators and coaches should not keep score – leave that to the players.  Seek always to build character through soccer by focusing on the long-term developmental process over the short-term result of a game.


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