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U10/U11/U12 Divisions 



Ball Size: Size Four (4)
Field Size: 80 yds. X 50 yds.
Goal Size: 7' high x 21' wide

Number of Players:

  1. The maximum number of players on the field per team at any one time is eight (8). The game is played with one goalkeeper and seven field players per team.
  2. Substitutions:

            With the permission of the referee, substitutions may be made:

  • Prior to a throw-in, by the team possessing the ball. If the team in possession makes a substitution, the opposing team may then make substitutions at that time.
  • By either team prior to a goal kick.
  • After a goal is scored, by either team, prior to the kick-off.
  • After an injury when the referee has stopped play, by either team.
  • When a player has been cautioned. Only the cautioned player may be substituted.
  • Playing Time: Each player shall play a minimum of 50% of the total playing time regardless of skill level, and, as long as the child arrives prepared to play in the proper uniform; is not under disciplinary suspension; is not physically handicapped due to illness or injury.

The Referee:

  1. A GYSA referee will oversee all games. Two linesmen may assist the referee, but their presence is not guaranteed.
  2. All rule infractions shall be briefly explained to the offending player.

Duration of the Game:

  1. For U10/U11, the game shall be divided into four (4) fifteen (15) minute quarters.
  2. There shall be a two (2) minute break between quarters one and two, and between quarters three and four.
  3. For U12, the game shall be divided into two (2) thirty (30) minute halves.
  4. There shall be a half-time break of five (5) minutes.

The Start of Play:

  1. Play is started by kick-off at the center of the field.  Players of the defending ream shall stand on their side of the field, no closer to the ball than the perimeters of the center circle.  This circle shall be 20 yards in diameter.  Opponents must be ten (10) yards from the center mark when the kick-off is taken.
  2. Teams shall rotate kick-offs for the beginning of each quarter.

Ball In and Out of Play:

  1. Any ball crossing the touch-line will result in a throw-in for the opposing team.
  2. Any ball crossing the goal-line will result in a goal kick for the defending team or a corner kick for the attacking team.

Free Kicks:

  1. The referee will indicate whether the free kick is a Direct (Arm pointed at attacking goal) or Indirect (Arm pointed straight up) Free Kick.
  2. Penalty Kicks shall be awarded as a result of fouls occurring in the penalty area that would otherwise be a Direct Free Kick.
  3. Opponents must be ten (10) yards away from all free kicks.


The offside rule will be in effect for this age group. However, it will be called at the referee's discretion, for plays in which offsides is blatant. It is not the intent to stop plays in which an attacking player who participates in the play is technically in an offside position, though to a relatively small degree. As the offsides rule is subject to the referee's discretion and the referee may not have assistant linesmen at the field, criticism directed to the referee is dissent and will not be tolerated. Please recognize this is the most controversial and disagreed upon in the game of soccer at all levels of play and remember to demonstrate sportsmanship at all times.

Misc. Rules:

  1. GYSA encourages healthy and positive sports competition and puts a priority on the developmental process and the quality of play instead of the game outcome. It is not our desire to instill the "killer instinct" in the player, but rather to foster physical fitness, knowledge of the sport, agility, quick thinking and aggressive offensive and defensive play. Dangerous play and/or abusive language to coaches, players, or referees will not be tolerated.
  2. Parents/coaches and spectators should be there to enjoy the game, foster a positive sporting environment and to encourage the activity of all the youngsters participating in the game.  Please leave the “coaching” to the coaches.
  3. All coaches are required to stay within their designated coaching area.  This is the area along the touchline that their team is designated - from midfield to corner.  Respect the opposing coaches and team benches.
  4. Parents, spectators and coaches should not keep score – leave that to the players.  Seek always to build character through soccer by focusing on the long-term developmental process over the short-term result of a game.

To learn more about The Gilbert Youth Soccer Association, visit us online at http://www.azgysa.com