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General League Information 

Frequently asked questions regarding general league information

Q. What is Gilbert Youth Soccer Associations overall philosophy?
A. To provide each player the opportunity to play soccer in a supportive and rewarding environment that emphasizes fun, enjoyment and skill learning, at a level that fits the player's interest and ability. We also appreciate the benefit of participating in a team sport. We encourage a child's development of group skills by exposing them to relationship-building and problem-solving challenges in social situations.

  1. A youth player should not be kept in goal against her wishes just because she is the best keeper and the team needs her to win the game.
  2. Coaches should not hold on to good players at a lower playing level just to help the team to win games. The better player should be allowed to move up to the next level in order to help him reach his potential, even if it means that the team he leaves behind will be weakened.
  3. Every player must play 50% in each game, not left to sit on the bench for the entire game because the team must win.
  4. Young players should not be pigeon-holed into one position when young. Players should be given the chance to play multiple positions and develop various skills to make each player a better overall player.
Q. Does GYSA offer any Summer Camps?
A. Yes.  We partner with UK Socca International camps each summer.  Check back for dates in March.
Q. What can I do to help out?
A. GYSA is a volunteer organization, so you could VOLUNTEER! Youth sports leagues cannot exist without assistance from parents, and the Gilbert Youth Soccer Association is no exception.

There are many jobs that need to be done. GYSA needs volunteers to operate, we encourage everyone to volunteer to help make the programs operate. Please mark your child's registration form with the job you are able to volunteer for. We have roles that require minimal time to very time intensive roles.

Thank you in advance to all our volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at azgysa@yahoo.com.
Q. Who runs GYSA?
A. GYSA is a 501(c)3 non profit organization which is run by volunteers. There is 1 part time paid registrar and 1 paid Referee Coordinator. GYSA is run by volunteers and has about 5500+ members over a calendar year. GYSA is directed by a Board of Directors under the direction of the President. There is a voting board of 9 members.

All Board of Directors are volunteers and none are paid for any time given to GYSA. The Board of Directors is listed on the GYSA website.
Q. If I have a problem/complaint, who do I contact?
A. Contact the President at GYSAPresident@yahoo.com.
Q. What is the mailing address for GYSA?
A. Gilbert Youth Soccer Association
P.O. Box 797
Gilbert, AZ 85299
Q. Does the GYSA have a competitive/travel/club program?
A. We do, please contact us at gysaunited@yahoo.com for more information.


To learn more about The Gilbert Youth Soccer Association, visit us online at http://www.azgysa.com