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Coaches & Practices 

Frequently asked questions regarding coaches and practices

Q. Who will coach my player's team?
A. Recreational coaches are parents that volunteer to coach a team at registration time. Every season GYSA has to search for additional people to coach because there are never enough coaches to cover all of the teams. Most of the recreational coaches are a parent of a player on the team. Coaches volunteer their time to work with your player during practices and games. Some coaches grew up playing soccer, some have watched their children play and some have never played soccer or coached soccer before. GYSA offers coaching classes and clinics before and during the season to help all of the coaches, no matter what their prior experience is.  GYSA does not condone or approve the use of paid coaches/trainers for teams participating in our programming.  This is in direct conflict with GYSA's philosophy of enabling children the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful game without the financial burdens that have become commonplace in our society.
Q. What day and/or time will my player's team practice?
A. The coaches pick the time and day of practices since they have been kind enough to volunteer their time to coach the team. U5 through U7 usually practices once a week. U8 through U11 practice once or twice a week and U12 and above usually practice 2 times a week. Practices usually start sometime after 5:00pm to give parents time to get home from work and get the players to practice. Practice times will vary depending on the coach. Most practices will last about an hour to an hour and a half. U5 through U7 practice for 45 minutes to an hour. U8 and higher from 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours.
Q. Where will practices be held?
A. Practice location is determined by the coach. Coaches generally choose to hold practice in the neighborhood where the team is located, the soccer fields, or at a location specified by the coach.
Q. When will practices be held?
A. Practice days and times are established by the coach. The coaches select times and days that conform to their busy personal/work schedules.
Q. What equipment is needed for practice/games?
A. Shin guards covered completely by socks with Soccer Cleats or Sneakers. Baseball cleats are not allowed (cleat in center of toe).

No jewelry of any kind. Medical bracelets must be taped down.

A soccer ball (its more fun when everyone has one).

Water bottle.
Q. Our team needs more players, can we pick up players?
A. No, if your team is in need of additional players, please contact the registrar to see if there is anyone on the waiting list that can be placed on the team. All players must be registered and paid through GYSA in order to play. Teams can not pick up any players with out the approval of the registrar. Players need to be registered and insured before they can practice or play in games.

To learn more about The Gilbert Youth Soccer Association, visit us online at http://www.azgysa.com